Wine cellar

4,557 m² of cellar labyrinth to discover

An atmospheric journey through time

Deep inside the Würzburg Residence, the extensive and labyrinthine cellar corridors of the former "Prince Bishop's Court Cellar" stretch out.

In 1719, Balthasar Neumann, the master builder from Eger, was commissioned by Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn to build a new residence in Würzburg and given the task of including, above all, an "excellent wine cellar".

The Residenz is one of the most important Baroque complexes north of the Alps - with its extensive courtyard garden, the bright and rich architecture of Neumann and the breathtaking frescoes of the Venetian Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

Conscious of this great heritage, the Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg continues the institution of the prince-bishop's Hofkeller and does so not as a museum, but as a living monument to wine culture with modern cellar management procedures.

Visitors who wander through the atmospherically illuminated corridors and vaults of the Residenzweinkeller today will discover one of the most beautiful wine cellars in the world.

The overwhelming impression of the wooden barrels immediately captivates the visitor, and not only in the "Stückfasskeller". Festive wine tastings and cultural events attract thousands of wine lovers from all over the world every year to these unique vaults. In the annals of the Hofkeller, the huge "official wine barrels" play a very special role. Over 200 years ago, nothing less than the liquid pay of the court servants flowed from the giant barrels.

The story of the "Swedish barrel" takes us back to the dark years of the Thirty Years' War and tells of the legendary millennium wine of 1540. A special treasure is located in the Bacchuskeller - the treasure chamber! In the "wine library" of the Hofkeller, valuable wines that have matured in honor provide visible and tangible evidence of past wine years. The aging of the red wines takes place in the southern wing of the Residenz under the Hofkirche.

Wine is pleasure - enjoy our unique wines in the ambience of this monument to wine culture during a cellar tour or an exclusive wine tasting in the festively illuminated vault. Our offers, current dates and conditions can be found in the Events category.

Worth knowing:

Cellar area: 4557 sqm
Cellar corridor length: 891 m
Humidity: 80 %
Wall thickness: up to 6 m
Vault height: up to 6,5 m
Span width: 10 m
Wooden barrel storage space: approx. 600.000 litres
Cellar temperatures: 15 – 18°C

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